With built in GPS support you have full control over your workout - actual and average speed, distance and duration. After completion, your workout can be saved as a route.

Rosary Marathon allows sharing of intentions with other participants. While running you can pray the Rosary for an intention created either by you, your friends or a public one.

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Main features

Pray socially

Log in using a Facebook or Google+ account, and share your intentions and workouts.

Pray while running

Listen Rosary recitation in English, Polish and Latin.

GPS support

Control distance, speed and duration of your Workout.

History traces and Routes

Register your Workout and save is as a Route.

Store it in the cloud!

Everyone loves the cloud. Save all your Routes and Prayers online.

Admin interface

You'll love the animated graphs and highly granular control.

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Warsaw, Poland

About us

Small group of runners who pray while running